It is said that anything can be changed about a property except its location and Bond Construction has been responsible for some remarkable transformations. Bringing old buildings back to life with flair and imagination is a speciality, providing the perfect environment for our craftsmen to display their skills.

Bond Construction has restored a range of challenging properties, from derelict barns to dilapidated cottages. Many of these schemes have been accompanied by onerous conditions to ensure that the integrity of the original building is retained. When completed, these buildings often achieve landmark status in their localities.

We also have the ability to adapt period buildings for contemporary living. Dark and dingy rooms have been opened up to create new kitchens, bathrooms, studies, family rooms, gymnasiums and home offices.

The restoration of historic properties is a particular speciality. Hand crafted cornices and wood carvings can be returned to pristine appearance. Our decorators have the skill to replicate the delicate work of original artists from across the centuries. Wherever possible, original material is restored rather than replaced.

When clients choose Bond Construction they know their property is in safe hands.